Economic progress in modern society requires an ever larger quantity of energy, virtually every aspect of modern existence is made from, powered with or affected by fossil fuels. The result is that carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases causing climate change. Renewable energy sources can help us make the transition to a post carbon economy.

The highest consumption of energy is in:

  •     transport
  •     home
  •     industry

This project  focuses on energy production and consumption in residential homes.

Geotours are guided visits for elementary and high school students to energy efficient residential areas. The idea is to transmit information on the recent technological improvements in building elements and construction techniques and on the use of renewable energy sources to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum impact on climate.

The aim is to:

  • stimulate interest in  students to environmental problems and provide them with options on how to start to solve some of those problems.
  • help them to understand that change is possible, new construction techniques and technological improvements are now available.
  • stimulate interest and the capacity to choose and decide what kind of future cities they want to live in.

New residential area “Borghetto dei Pescatori” 00017c

Lido di Ostia – Rome  

Comparto B

Comparto B

Lido di Ostia, Rome’s seaside, is home to a new high energy efficiency residential quarter, (six buildings for a total of 80 apartments).

The new residential quarter “Borghetto dei Pescatori” has been designed with an integrated system of renewable energy sources;  solar thermal and photovoltaic for hot water and electricity and a central geothermal system (vertical geothermal probes), heat pump  and  radiant underfloor heating/cooling system. This particular system (geothermal) is highly innovative for Rome and the only one of its kind in this area.

Energy efficient construction techniques have also been applied; building shell insulation, double-paned glass windows, orientation, large balconies and recycling of rainwater.



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